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Miracle : To Breathe as One

In the North of Europe there is a small country that some people from Southern Europe still recognize as a part of Soviet Union. But this country has strong cultural roots. Their traditions and customs have survived through different times. There were Germans and Russians, Swedish and Danish people coming with their cultural experience, but still the ancient spirit of the land’s true inhabitants didn’t disappear. The country is Estonia and they are Estonians, who kept their best traditions and didn’t allow them vanish through the times.

In the beginning of summer 2009 fifteen young people all around European Union came to Tallinn to learn a little bit more about Estonian culture. They were lucky, because they were invited to be a part of one of the biggest World miracle that all three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – are proud of. The miracle is Song and Dance Festival. You could wonder why it’s a miracle. If you have ever been a part of one of these festivals, there are no questions anymore. That atmosphere, these feelings, that unity which brings thousands of people together! Even UNESCO has admitted the Song and Dance Festivals of the Baltic States as something unique and important to protect. In the year 2009 Estonia had the XXV Song and the XVIII Dance Festival named To Breathe as One. That was the reason which brought one Greek, one Bulgarian, two Hungarians, one Italian, two Spanish, two French, one British, one Swedish, two Latvians, one Lithuanian and one Austrian to Estonia to spend two of the hottest months of the year in one of the most Northern country in Europe – Estonia.

Everyone came with his or her theoretical knowledge about Estonia, about music and dance, about history, but the true Estonia surprised them. Who could imagine how strong can one nation be when it sings and dances? How can a song and a dance connect almost everyone in a country with population of approximately 1,3 million people? That’s a real miracle! And that’s the real spirit of Estonians that these fifteen young people will bring back to their countries in unforgettable memories of Eesti laulu- ja tantsupidu.

This year involved lots of foreigners. They came as volunteers, as guests and even as participants. There were even choirs and people coming from United States and Canada. The biggest amazement was for the people who were in Song and Dance Festival for the first time in their lives. The good emotions coming from foreign participants were indescribable. Their surprising faces, the feeling of happiness and unity. They sang with a feeling as true Estonians. The crowd of patriotic people in the Song Festival stage took everyone’s soul and fulfilled it with unbelievably good emotions and sensations. That’s the secret how Estonian culture has survived during the Centuries. They don’t keep everything for themselves - they share the best of their culture with others. That is how to make people aware of your nation. As a result there will be at least one who “knows” in every part of the World. And that’s how a small country can become big. You don’t need to have huge territories with billions of people speaking the same language. The only thing you need is to have one good short word going out of your country into the big World. Every good word said to the others spreads quickly. After this year’s Song and Dance Festival there are so many people who will be the sparks in all around the World and will share there best memories all over the Earth.

by Lelde Upite, Latvia