Üheskoos meie organisatsiooniga saavad Sulle osaks uued kogemused, Sa avastad senitundmatuid kultuure, Sa õpid ja jagad. Continuous Action pakub Sulle võimalusi muutuste elluviimiseks.

Meie jaoks on EVT ...

Siin on Laulu- ja tantsupeol "ÜhesHingamine" abiks olnud 15 vabatahtliku mõtteid Euroopa vabatahtlikust teenistusest.

EVS is colours. The life is colours but sometimes you use to draw always with the same kind. EVS is a way to know that they are many colours to discover - Almudena from Spain

EVS is the best opportunity. There are not so many things that can take place only once in your life, but if you have some, you should use all of them - Lelde from Latvia

EVS is a second chance. Because basically you quit your life at home, you just simply leave everything behind and you get a second chance to make your life different and better than it is at home. You meet people who judge you, who you are, NOT who you were in the past - Andrea from Hungary

EVS is sunrise. The sunrise stands for the beginning of a new day. I compare this with EVS because the EVS is for me the beginning of a new era - Manu from Austria

EVS is intercultural. Because people from different countries and cultures are gathering for a common purpose: to help in an event-festival or activity. It's nice to have friends from abroad. This relationship is based on the respect of other person's individuality and it's fascinating, how so different people can be combined for the best result - Stratos from Greece

Peace, love and EVS. EVS is a good way of understanding different cultures around Europe - Kim from Sweden

EVS is the extension of outlook on life. You can meet new people, visit new places, do things that you've never done before... That's great - Ani from Bulgaria

EVS is open horizons. Discovering new people, new cultures, languages, are big players in making new experiences and emotions - Juanjo from Spain

EVS is companionship. Fifteen people from eleven different countries come together on a neutral place (Estonia) to live and work together and have to manage differences in language and culture so they open themselves in the group and add their horizons in order to learn more about tolerance, humanity and human relationships - Manu from Austria

EVS is forever a memory. Because you can always look back. Because the people you help out will always remember what you have done - Beth from United Kingdom

EVS is connection. Between nations. Because you can live in another country and not just go there as a tourist. Between young people. Because they have to live and work together. Because they may become friends or sometimes even more then friends. Between country and country. Because sending and hosting organizations have to be in touch during the whole project - Erika from Hungary

EVS is personal development and good atmosphere. EVS offers the possibility to share this rich think, which is the culture of every-one, with each-one. It gives us also time consacred to a common goal and to the divertisment, which permit, associated with enthusiasm and motivation to share a lot of time together and to develop friendship. The good feeling between the volunteers create a good atmosphere, a nice time to enjoy together, joking, creating and developing ideas and himself: it’s the informal education which is more sympathic as the formal-one - Leo from France

What will EVS be for you?