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A new project is coming - youth exchange "Olympic Spirit for Peacebuilding" in Greece

Our partner E.K.O. (Greece) is coordinating a transnational initiative in early spring in Athens, Greece. The project «Olympic Spirit for Peace building» («OLYMPISM») involves young people aged 18-30. The participants will come from 8 different countries (Greece, Estonia, Malta, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey). In total, Fifty-seven (57) young people aged 18-30, plus their group leader will participate in the project.

The goal of the project is to inform and sensitize young people on values linked to the Olympic spirit as a message of peace building. Sports ideals and sportsmanship will be regarded as a tool ``at the service of the harmonious human development for the promotion of a peaceful society, which ensures the preservation of human dignity` as it is described in the Olympic Charter. According to Pierre de Coubertin Olympism is a philosophy of life which places sports at the service of humanity. This philosophy is based on the interaction of the qualities of the body, soul and mind. Olympism is expressed through actions which link sport to culture, education and international cooperation with an emphasis on the principle of non discrimination. The history and evolution of the Olympic Games, the Olympic spirit, the "fair play", education of body and spirit in ancient Greece, constitute issues that can sensitize youngsters with regard to the principles and values of conducting and managing a dignified life in modern societies.

Through the proposed program of workshops and cultural visits in Athens, on the basis of methodologies and principles of non formal education, young people will elaborate the philosophical values of Olympic ideals and their contribution to humanism, self respect and respect to the others, equity and honorable living. They will discover how the eternal humanitarian values of Olympism can become a powerful tool for civil society to combat phenomena such as hate, violence, racial racism, xenophobia in a world peace building setting. They will promote this philosophy in their respective organizations and social milieus.


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