Üheskoos meie organisatsiooniga saavad Sulle osaks uued kogemused, Sa avastad senitundmatuid kultuure, Sa õpid ja jagad. Continuous Action pakub Sulle võimalusi muutuste elluviimiseks.


NGO Continuous Action is a non-governmental non-profit organisation founded in May 2005. Continuous Action unites people interested in voluntary service, Lifelong Learning and equal opportunities. We cooperate with governmental, non-governmental, recreational, educational and cultural associations, societal organisations and movements, with other organisations, enterprises and clubs both in Estonia and abroad which are interested and promote the same actions and values as we do.

The aim of our activity in and through Continuous Action is to enable the possibility of Lifelong Learning and to act within the boundaries of equal opportunities irrespective of gender, social status and age both in Estonia and at the international level.

The main objectives of our organization are:

  • To develop, promote and coordinate volunteering both in Estonia and at international level;
  • To create, maintain and develop relations with different institutions;
  • To organize meetings, tuitions, seminars, conferences, events, trainings using non-formal learning methods;
  • To offer counselling services and information;
  • To write, apply with and run projects in the frame of diverse programs;
  • To edit and spread out materials, publications, conceived during the projects our participants are involved in;
  • To develop practical abilities and to broaden the horizons of the members of our organization;
  • To spread out the information about the actions of Continuous Action in order to achieve the onset objectives.

In order to achieve the aims and tackle the objectives, we develop and implement initiatives, projects and diverse actions at local and international level. In our daily activities we tend to involve as many people as possible, irrespective of age, social status, economical situation, knowledge, education. Only required criteria are to provide interest and actively participate in carrying out the activity where the person is involved. Quality in our work and desired results to obtain are the principles guiding us.


NGO Continuous Action has been working and works with following programs:

Youth in Action - European Union programme (2007-2013) in citizen education for young people aged 15-30. It inspires a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future. NGO Continuous Action is active in short- as well as long term European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects as a sending, hosting and coordinating organization and subprograms "youth exchanges" and "trainings".

Leonardo da Vinci - subprogram of lifelong learning program (2007-2013) aimed at improving vocational education and trainings in Europe. The program involves 27 member countries of European Union, Norway, Island, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Croatia.

Grundtvig – subprogram of European Lifelong Learning program adult education (2007-2013). The aims of the Grundtvig program are improving the teaching and study needs of those in adult education and developing their collaboration with partners from other European countries, broaden adults’ learning opportunities and increase the quality and popularity of adult education in Europe. Within Grundtvig program NGO Continuous Action has been working with project "STEP" since the year 2008. You can find more about project activities from here.

Erasmus+ the EU's new programme for education, training, youth and sport (2014-2020). Over the seven programme years, Erasmus+ will provide €14.7 billion to strengthen education, training, youth and sport in Europe, allowing more than 4 million young people to gain experience and skills by studying, training or volunteering abroad. The programme will also support over 125,000 institutions and organisations to work with peers in other countries to innovate and modernise teaching practice and youth work. Together they will help ensure that young people and adults get the skills they need to succeed in today's world.
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