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EVS Letters

by Stratos (Greece), Aneta (Bulgaria), Lelde (Latvia), Leo and Tony (France)


Intro: About EVS (European Voluntary Service) To Breathe as One

This is the story of 15 people, who lived, work, had fun, made new friends, earned new experiences. All these in the EVS event event which took place in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, and will remain unforgetable in their life for ever…
The writers that have been up to make this story, will try to give u, as far as can be written on paper, a represantation of how did they experienced the event through their own eyes!
So let the stories get start! Once upon a time there were…….

International environment

Fifteen young people from eleven different countries... We all arrived in Estonia for a common purpose, to take part on the singing and dancing festival. All from different backgrounds but all with the same enthusiasm, respect, politeness and willingness to co-operate and become a big company. This company combined all the ingrediants needed to be successful: Austrian heroism, English knowledge, Greek enthusiasm, Spanish tamperament, Italian  humor, Lithuanian tolerance, lovely Latvian personalities, Bulgarian friendship, Hungarian sunshine ans Swedish spark... This was the recipe of success :-)!
Also, in this country there were a lot of Russians and foreigners. The volunteers were 15 and every one was different. Especially one who was giant. I mean very good!

„Porco Dio! Dio porco!“
„Adega misu!“
„Vete a la mierda cono!“

Everyone was crying insult in their language but just to laugh. But they had also interesting discussions. They learned a lot one from the others. This travel permit them to improve their English and to grow up about a lot of point. They adquired a lot of maturity. Each one learned how to respect the others. They were in a good way to become „good people“. Actually everyone is a good person in his own way. You just have to learn how to show it to the others in the best way. Lets show the best of ourselves! Lets start with the smile! And everyone smiled. Although there were 15 different people at different age most of them from different countries... they found something in common! Although all the differences between them, they found a way to live and work together and to be happy!


In the beginning there were 15 young people. They were living all around Europe. One day there was an idea coming down from the heaven. Everyone whom the idea touched, got crazy! This idea was about going to Estonia (somewhere up in the north) and a project connected with singing and dancing. All the 15 people followed the idea without knowing why. What a crazy plan..?? Lets meet all together in Tallinn! And they did it!
We followed our hearts. And what remains in the end of all stories is that we will never forget each other, because we lived some difficult moments but also moments that we shared. We were very good friends because we trusted each other. What a good feeling when you can finally share deeply what you think and live with somebody else: a real friend.


- Ahah hihi

- me after sport, ok?

- who want more beer?

- “me!” – “here here”

- “Straaaaaatos”!

- aaaaahah!

- “no no no no! EStratos!”

- I am  just trying to help! Come on! I am a good person. All Greeks are good. Actually everything what’s good comes from Greece even the word happiness comes from Greece  words. I will explain you why . See happiness is made of two Greece words –“ happi” and “ness”. “Happi” means fun and lot of entertainment but “ness” comes from a word with meaning “to bring”. So the Greeks brought happiness for the rest of the world.
And the world became a better place…. Finally he decided to find the thing that will bring him real happiness as well… it was a dark night... ok not so dark but still night . He put his new clothes and went to the most famous place in the city. The place with no name. Actually there were so many things there that could make him happy (most of them blond) so he had to decide. And it was an important moment! The decision could change the rest of his life… In fact it did change it. It is unbelievable how people can find happiness in small moment like this one. For certain we lived fome magical moment.


Two great months of her life!
In the beginning was only the SO… next came the CO and the HO. New places, new people, new experiences! After all the things that happened, she will never be the same…
And not only her but all the people around that shared the same experiences, entertainment, apartment… In the end of the day we became rich. In thoughts and stories that we will carry for the rest of our lives!
Also this story will be very important for our grandchildren because it will stay in memories for ever. They didn’t know each other, but a feeling like magic occurred between each other. They passed the night together but I won’t say what they did! Secret!
Let’s bring only the best memories back to home! Every experience is good in some way. And you learn from everything you do. That’s what the lifelong learning is!